Johnson (2)Common Energy LLC was developed in Hood River, Oregon in 2003. The original partners had a common goal: to help facilitate, through education and installations, the use of Renewable Energy (RE) in the Columbia Gorge Area. Common Energy LLC has a commitment to the local community and Columbia Gorge Area to help provide the services required to install Renewable Energy Systems with a highest level of integrity.

Common Energy LLC has been involved with the RE educational programs at the Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC). Many contracts take years to develop as potential clients become educated in understanding the value of implementing Renewable Energy systems. Common Energy LLC specializes in on-grid and off-grid Solar system design and installations.  We have been installing solar and other renewable systems in Hood River and the Columbia Gorge Area for over 14 years.

We are involved with all of the stages of developing a Renewable Energy project which include:
-initial site visit
-preliminary cost evaluation
-contractual agreement
-completed design
-required submittals for permitting
-supervise system installation
-documents necessary for required final approvals and tax credits

We encourage clients to use materials which are proven reliable and are manufactured by reputable companies that are established and committed to their respected vendors and the future of Renewable Energy.

Common Energy LLC utilizes the help of Shepherd Electric for all our electrical needs. Shepherd Electric has the experience and integrity to provide our clients with the best possible service. Shepherd Electric is based in Hood River, Oregon.

The time is Now for getting serious about a Solar or other Renewable Energy System. The incentives available for the installations vary depending on the local power provider. The incentives can be provided by the Federal Government, Oregon Department of Energy, Energy Trust of Oregon and PPL.

With over 300 Solar and Renewable Energy installations in Hood River and the Columbia Gorge Area, Common Energy LLC has the dedication and experience to provide potential clients with the service required to implement a successful Renewable Energy System.

Please contact us to get up to date on the current incentives available for your future installation.